Power Train Upgrade

Horsepower extraction can be a challenge and a balancing act.  Autotechnique’s decades of experience with makes and models along with our specialized knowledge of forced induction and naturally aspirated tuning, we can craft together a solution for all your power needs.

Using a host of parts from the worlds leading manufacturers; VCM Performance, Magnuson Superchargers, HP Tuners, Improved Racing to name a few.  The sky is the limit, talk to us about your powertrain plans today.


"The Monaro has won awards thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, especially the Autotechnique team. Autotechnique and VCM Performance have earned permanent spots on the Monaro's show board. Always happy to recommend Autotechnique to anyone who asks! Thank you very much to Mario, Phil, Michael, Tyson, Steve, and the rest of the Autotechnique and VCM staff involved behind the scenes for all of your help."

Jim Polentas

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