brake upgrades

Do you have increased power due to performance modifications made to your vehicle.  The quicker you can accelerate the less time you will have to come to a stop. 

By aligning ourselves with the big names in Braking – Brembo, Alcon to name a few, we have options available to you for all your breaking needs. Street or track enthusiasts, all demands are met - don’t settle for average braking!

Often neglected by the performance aftermarket scene, but as important as any performance upgrade.  Whether it’s a pad upgrade or a full brake upgrade, let us find your solution!


"The Monaro has won awards thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, especially the Autotechnique team. Autotechnique and VCM Performance have earned permanent spots on the Monaro's show board. Always happy to recommend Autotechnique to anyone who asks! Thank you very much to Mario, Phil, Michael, Tyson, Steve, and the rest of the Autotechnique and VCM staff involved behind the scenes for all of your help."

Jim Polentas

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