Old School

With a business run and owned by the same family from the early 90’s we have “been there, seen that and done it all” so why not take advantage of that? With the extra care and dedication it takes to work on your pride and joy – we have the love your old-school ride deserves.

With our historic and vintage area of expertise, we have the ability and set of skills required to work on and restore your classic ride back to full glory.

Stemming from the restoration and conversion of early model Porsche’s to the restoration of our Aussie HDT models, we will work on, modify & enhance most vehicles in the areas of suspension, braking, fuel, ignition and steering. And if a Power plant upgrade is in your sights – step right this way, you wont be disappointed.

Take advantage of one stop solution that truly won’t disappoint.

Do you have a LS swap in mind? Lucky for you, Autotechnique has you covered. We have been on the forefront of LS tuning for years. Why not add some new-school performance – the benefits of modern technology and reliability, while retaining the classis look and style of your old-school cruiser?


"The Monaro has won awards thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, especially the Autotechnique team. Autotechnique and VCM Performance have earned permanent spots on the Monaro's show board. Always happy to recommend Autotechnique to anyone who asks! Thank you very much to Mario, Phil, Michael, Tyson, Steve, and the rest of the Autotechnique and VCM staff involved behind the scenes for all of your help."

Jim Polentas

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